5 ways to cook with camelina oil

Signé Caméline by Oliméga is a unique product, with a taste combining hazelnut, sesame and herbaceous flavors. It can be used uncooked or in many baking recipes. In addition to being a local product, this oil stands out with its high omega-3 concentration (it reaches 35% VS canola oil containing only 10% and olive oil only 1%).

Here are our 5 top ways to cook with this great Quebec innovation!

On the grill

Camelina oil has a high smoking point (475°F) compared to other oils on the market. It’s the perfect choice for the grill and stir-fries! For even more flavors, you can use it in your marinade. Need some inspiration? Here’s a marinated pork recipe with camelina oil.

Salad dressings

How about a 100% Quebec salad dressing? Reinvent your vinaigrettes by replacing the usual oils with the subtle taste of hazelnuts and sesame oil from camelina. It’s also a great way to enhance your daily intake of Omega-3. To get you started, here’s a recipe for a shrimp and braised endive salad.

In a tartar

The sweet and floral scent of camelina oil will deliciously blend with fresh fish or beef in a tartare. Also think of camelina seeds to garnish your poké bowls or sushi!


For dessert

For dessert, there are also many good reasons to switch butter for this local product, with remarkable nutritional properties. Discover the exquisite recipe of camelina and cranberry brownies by Signé Caméline right here.

In cocktails

The unique signature taste of Signé Caméline by Oliméga inspires more than one chef in Quebec, and even mixologists! For new taste lovers, try the creation of Vincent Vaillancourt Seguin: a vodka cocktail that combines camelina oil and maple syrup. Intrigued? Click here to get the recipe.

We also invite you to create combinations of flavors with this beautiful Quebec oil.

Discover more recipe ideas here.




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