5 ways to highlight your market products

Although we can find a ton locally grown fruits and vegetables in our public markets, there’s a lot more produces to be discovered. Indeed, there is plenty of meats, fish, cheese and other gourmet products.  Get ready to awaken your taste buds! Here are some ideas to make it a weekly adventure.

Tuesday's Lunch

Every so often, lunches are not so exciting… Think of new ways to change up your menu; trying a new cold cut in your sandwich can make a big difference. The infamous ham-mustard sandwich can turn out a lot tastier with Applewood smoked ham.

Thursday's Treat

This summer, why not start a “Thursday treat” tradition? After a long week at work, you have certainly earned the privilege to self-indulge. Pastries and sweets are easy to come by at local markets.  Pick up that raspberry pie that’s been haunting your thoughts and enjoy with your family or friends. A tradition that will make everybody very happy!

Wine & Cheese Friday Nights 

We definitely have a thing for cheeses in Quebec! Soft or firm, mild or aged, there’s something for every palate. Fill up your plate with a few of Quebec’s fine cheeses and grab a bottle of red wine. Your Friday nights will be as enjoyable as the ones held by our French cousins. Very entertaining evenings to end the week nicely!

Saturday's Dip

A successful Saturday can be summed up in three words: family, pool and snacks! Although veggies might not be your kids’ favorite, you can change their minds with Superdips. It’s quick and easy, simply mix up the spices, yogurt and mayonnaise. You get a full flavor dip that will blow their taste buds. 

Sunday's Catch

Ending the weekend with a generous plate of fresh seafood, how does that sound? A tasty meal that has the power to bring the whole family together. A precious moment that will create wonderful memories!


Other Top Ideas