BCI Foods Inc.


BCI Foods Inc.

We are a small Canadian soup company who understands how the love of good food can bring people together, creating smiles, laughter and joyful conversation. Inspired to spread the joy far and wide, we have perfected our soups using traditional recipes and locally available produce, to create a range of flavourful soups that customers tell us taste truly ‘fresh and organic'. The difference between our soups and others is a difference you can actually taste. Smoother, lighter and more subtle in flavour, our soups deliver the natural sweetness and distinctive taste of each individual ingredient. The delicately balanced flavours and light seasonings also allow home chefs to complement a recipe rather than overpower it. As a result, our soups are the secret ingredient behind many great meals… because Mother Earth has contributed everything needed to make it so. Today we invite you all to taste, be inspired and share your experiences with all our products. Enjoy!




4800, av. Pinard Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec J2S 8E1 (450) 796-3210