Fromagerie La Vache À Maillotte


Fromagerie La Vache À Maillotte

Founded in 1996, La Vache a Maillotte specializes in the manufacture of cheese. Located in La Sarre, the company employs about 40 employees working in production, administration and sales. It currently has a capacity of more than 1 500 kg of cheese per production shift. Its annual output has reached over 400 000kg by 2012. Currently, our dairy products are served at over a hundred outlets in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Since its inception, La Vache a Maillotte has developed several products and today offers a range of cheeses with an increasing variety of cheese specialties. This diversity now allows it to offer many of its fine cheeses outside the region through its distributors CDA Cheese. La Vache a Maillotte is under federal jurisdiction for inspection of its facilities, which enables it to sell its products across Canada. The company uses the HACCP implementation process as well as GFSI. The company is currently focused on a strategy of growth through geographic diversification and product diversification.


La Vache À Maillotte

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