Patates Dolbec inc.


Patates Dolbec inc.

Patates Dolbec is a family business that has earned itself an enviable reputation in the agri-food sector through hard work, a tireless passion for agriculture, and a dynamic team that brings experience and innovation to potato farming. The Dolbec family are no strangers to the art of potato growing. The story of our company goes back 50 years to 1967 when we had just 25 acres of land, one horse and a plow! But, driven by a team determined to see the company grow, we have steadily expanded over three generations. Now, with over 125 employees, a research team that keeps track of the latest technologies, modern controlled-atmosphere storage facilities, a state-of-the-art packing centre, and high-tech farming equipment, Patates Dolbec is without a doubt a leader in its field. The biggest potato producer in eastern Canada, with over 10,000 acres of land spread over 15 municipalities, Patates Dolbec rotates its potato crops with corn, barley, wheat, soy and hay. Our fields are in rotation for two to three years before being reused for potato growing.




295 route 363 St-Ubalde, Quebec G0A 4L0 (418) 277-2442

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