Easy-to-prepare Christmas Appetizers Plate    

Guests are seated in the living room, refreshments are served, children are having fun and the evening promises to be very enjoyable. However, empty stomachs are starting to growls, so hop to the stove! Let's face it: what's more unpleasant than to lock yourself in the kitchen while your loved ones are all gathered together.

There’s no need to panic. Our simple recipes of canapés and appetizers come together in minutes and highlight easy-to-cook seasonal foods. Then giving you more time to socialize, relax and, we guarantee you, be praised for your cooking skills!


  • Stuffed mushroom heads with goat cheese

They are eaten in one bite and burst with flavor: stuffed mushrooms are as good cold as hot. So we prepare them first, and then tackle the rest! Try to resist the temptation to eat the whole plate before service...
1.  Remove and chop the mushrooms foot with a little gray shallot and garlic. Sauté in a pan.
2.  Mix with bread crumbs. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3.  Stuff the mushroom heads with the mixture and garnish with a little crumbled goat cheese.
4.  Bake at high temperature on the oven for a few minutes to roast the cheese.


  • Brie and smoked salmon crouton

Tasty and well presented, these croutons will be popular with both children and their parents: it’s a winner!
 Spread creamy brie on croutons, add a smoked salmon flower and decorate the center with roasted red peppers confetti, then garnish with a fresh herb of your choice as a finishing touch (chives or dill make a good combination with the salmon).

To make a nice salmon flower, cut smoked salmon slices into 2-3 cm strips, roll each stripe on itself, then open slightly outward from the center.



  • Mini burgers with duck confit and onion jam

When hunger is felt, nothing is more appetizing than a good burger! Revised in mini format, these are entirely composed of quality local ingredients to charm all guests.

1.  Lightly toast the burgers.
2.  Cook the duck legs confit as directed on the package, then fray the meat.
3.  Place the frayed duck on the bottom bun and add a little onion jam. Place the other half of the burger on top and garnish with a pickle on a decorative toothpick.

> Try our onion jam with maple and red wine in this recipe.


Enjoy A Foodie Christmas