Oliméga : leader in the camelina culture

If we hear more about camelina lately, it's definitely because of Oliméga, a family-owned business from Québec and a proud leader in camelina culture in our province. This company based in St-Édouard de Napierville has been producing, processing and promoting this plant with impressive nutritional qualities since 2014.

Innovative products

Camelina is a cruciferous plant with small yellow flowers with seeds that are high in omega-3, proteins and natural antioxidants. That’s why camelina products are so interesting. Oliméga sells the seeds and the delicious oil of  camelina which is obtained by cold pressing the seeds. Learn more about how to cook with this unique oil here.

Eco-friendly facilities 


In addition to their efforts to improve our nutrition, Oliméga's team stands out for its eco-responsible values. Their fields of more than 200 hectares of camelina grow in harmony with nature, without pesticides or chemicals products. They even have their own hives to raise flower pollination.




Their desire to contribute to sustainable development is also shown by their new facilities. They are equipped with solar panels that save 22 tons of greenhouse gases per year, which is equivalent to 10 cars’ annual consumption!

In addition, the sales representation is done with an electric car. That is what we call concrete actions for the well-being of our environment!

Camelina also represents a new agricultural variety for Quebec farmers, which brings a new biodiversity for our soils. The camelina plant is a northern plant that can adapt itself perfectly to the Quebec climate.

A bright future

We wish all the best to this Quebec company in great expanding! Their products can be found in more than 650 shops throughout Quebec, such as Avril, TAU, IGA,  Métro, Rachelle Béry, as well as many fine grocery store. Ask their products at your grocer.

Oliméga's inspiring team also like to meet its consumers at various public events such as the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, the Marché gourmand de Montréal en lumière, the Semaine de l'Agriculture, de l’Alimentation et de la consommation and even the Supermarket Trade Show in Japan!

Newly awarded for its camelina seeds at DUX 2019  in the "Products" category, Oliméga is definitely a company to discover!


Visit their website for more information: www.olimega.com


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