True or false, "churned butter" is synonymous with "cultured butter"?

It’s false! Indeed, churned butter and cultured butter are different kinds of butter. Although it’s the same product at the end, cultured butter is quite unique compared to others on the market.

How can you differentiate them?

What we all know as "old-fashioned" butter is different, since cultured butter has a different manufacturing process and a higher fat percentage, around 84%. Moreover, its distinctive taste is characterized by its slightly tart flavor, which is prized by the greatest chefs. How do you manage to get this taste? The secret lies in the fermentation process. What you need to know is that the cream used to make the butter has been fermented before being churned. This technique is similar to yogurt making. 

As for traditional churned butter, it’s made of standard cream and the fat content is controlled to be no higher than 80%. Butter churning is done in a churn, but the humidity and buttermilk removal operations are carried out manually.

Chagnon butters

Whether you choose churned or cultured, Laiterie Chagnon offers a wide variety of dairy products. They are all made from real cream from the Eastern Townships and Montérégie area. For more than 40 years, these dairy experts have been putting their heart and soul into their business to offer their best!





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