4 tips to make Christmas easier and fun for all

The holiday season is right around the corner. A time of year anticipated by some and dreaded for others. Although the magic of Christmas will be at its’ peak, it can easily become chaotic. Each year, you learn what to do and what to avoid. Here are our own tips to make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone, including the host!

Potluck concept

Each year it’s a repeated dilemma, who will be hosting on Christmas Eve? What should we eat? Do we bring a hostess gift? Get over with this hassle! A potluck is THE solution to all your Holiday worries. As a host, you only have to make a list of all the dishes needed and ask each guest to bring one. All you have to do is dance with your family and friends until 4am!


Plan ahead

There are 2 types of people: those who start planning Christmas Eve in July and those who start gift shopping on December 23rd. Which type are you? There’s no need to plan monthgs in advance, but thinking about it a few weeks in advance can be more than beneficial.

1. You can shop sales prior and save;

2. You still have a lot of gift options on the shelves;

3. Parking is easier to find, think about it!

Serve Bergeron cheeses

Family meals can be complicated with so many food allergies to deal with. Gluten, peanut, lactose; it’s a lot to take into consideration. Impossible to serve a Quebec cheese plate without lactose? Think again! Fromagerie Bergeron offers a complete range of fine cheeses, without lactose. Never feel bad again for Aunt Helen, she won’t have to deprive herself anymore, after so many years.

Offer time as a gift

How often do we hear "I don’t have the time"? We spend our lives running after the clock… This year, buy yourself the luxury of time. Time to laugh together, time to share a good meal, time for yourself, to listen to others… It’s a priceless gift that won’t be accumulating dust in your bottom drawer.

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