A 100% vegetable protein source from Quebec, Signé Caméline

With the release of Canada's newest Food Guide, it's clear that adding vegetable proteins to our daily diet is essential. We hear a lot about chia seeds, but a new player has arrived in our plates with remarkable virtues: camelina seeds.

We value a lot local buying, which is why we fell in love with the Signé Caméline products from Oliméga. Their camelina seeds represent a Quebec alternative to sesame, poppy or chia seeds, and have remarkable nutritional properties.

An impressive amount of protein per serving

Although this plant with exceptional qualities is more than 3,000 years old, no one cultivated camelina in Quebec before Oliméga decided to share with us this well kept secret.

What is so special about it?

Each serving of 1 ½ tablespoon of camelina seeds includes: 4 g fiber, 1.5 g omega-3 and 4 g protein! Camelina seeds definitely have nothing to envy to its peers! They even contain one more gram of protein per serving VS chia seeds.

Shining in the Canadian agri-food industry

The arrival of this new product on the market is a brilliant initiative from Oliméga, who won award at the DUX Gala last January. Camelina seeds were named winners in the category "Product" for its remarkable qualities and improving population’s food options.

How to cook with camelina seeds?

Their taste is similar to a mixture of nuts and crucifers. Their texture is sweet and crunchy. Several great chefs already include it in their menu; here are some ideas for doing it yourself at home!

Tip: think about when you use poppy, sesame or chia seeds. Camelina seeds are a very interesting local variant!

  • For lunch or snacks: smoothies, yogurts, muffins, or homemade camelina energy bars.
  • At dinner time: we sprinkle them on our soup, our salads or our sandwiches. We also recommend that you add them to your pesto recipes.
  • At dinner: sprinkle them on your grilled vegetables or on your pasta! Also use camelina seeds in your breadcrumbs for your breaded fish.

Where can I get camelina seeds?

You can find Signed Camelline products at Avril, TAU markets and soon at the Métro and Rachelle Béry. Ask their products at your grocer. You can also order all of their products online here.

One more local product to add on your plate!

Together, let us write the history of camelina and rediscover this amazing produce.


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